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Investment project management in construction is a complex process aimed at planning, coordination, execution and control of all aspects of a construction project, management of resources, deadlines, costs and communication between the various project participants. This service plays a key role in ensuring the successful completion of projects while adhering to budgetary, time and quality constraints. It is suitable for people from home and abroad who have intentions to build, but do not have the necessary time and knowledge to control their project. They do not know the companies performing the individual construction activities, such as rough-in, HVAC, electrical, low-current, automation systems, photovoltaic systems, finishing, interior design, etc., and do not trust that their project will be completed professionally, on time and with quality materials. Find out more and how we can be of service to you from the information below.

The main aspects of Construction Project Management:

1. Defining the project. It is important to establish clear expectations and measurable success criteria.

2. Resource Management: This includes managing people, materials, equipment and finances. Securing the necessary resources at the right time is essential for successful project implementation.

3. Schedule and deadlines. Time management involves identifying and managing critical paths that can delay the project.

4. Cost Management. This includes budgeting, cost management, cost reviews and reporting.

5. Quality Management. This includes establishing quality standards, measuring results, and correcting anomalies.

6. Communication and Collaboration. This includes establishing communication mechanisms, regular meetings, progress reporting, and conflict management.

8. Human Resource Management.

9. Environmental management: Includes assessing the environmental impact of the project and implementing measures to mitigate negative effects.

10. Purchasing management: Includes planning, executing and controlling the process of purchasing materials, equipment and services required for project implementation.

The use of Inter Power Ltd. for the management of investment projects in the construction industry is suitable for investors from the country and those who live abroad. The advantages are:

1. Expert Approach and Professionalism. These experts understand the specific challenges that may arise during the project implementation process and have the necessary skills and knowledge to solve them. This frees clients from having to deal with the intricate details of project management

2. Effective Resource Management. Inter Power can optimize the use of resources by ensuring the proper allocation of people, time, and funds for each phase of the project.

3. Strategic Planning and Execution. They help clients define clear objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. They also provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation of project progress to ensure that set goals and timelines are met.

4. Risk mitigation. We have systems and processes in place to help identify, assess and mitigate potential risks associated with the project. This helps clients deal more effectively with unexpected situations and ensure successful project completion.

5. Local knowledge and resources. They also have access to local suppliers, subcontractors and other resources that can facilitate the construction process.

6. Time and distance efficient: For people who cannot be on-site to manage the project due to geographical distances, using a project management firm allows for efficient project management from a distance. Clients can receive regular progress reports on the project and consult with the managers at any time.

7. Saving time and effort. This saves time and effort and allows clients to focus on other important commitments.

8. Better control and transparency. This allows clients to have better control over the process and make informed decisions.

Methods and Tools used by Inter Power for Investment Project Management:

Inter Power, offers Construction Investment Project Management services, has a variety of methods and tools to efficiently accomplish tasks:

1. Gantt charts and Network diagrams.

2. Project Budgeting and Financial Management.

3. Project Management Software Platforms: Specialized software platforms such as Microsoft Project, Primavera, ClickUp, and others provide integrated planning, monitoring, and communication tools.

4. Risk Management.

Construction Activities Managed by Inter Power for Investment Project Management:

Our firm can manage various types of construction activities, including:

1. Residential and Commercial Buildings: private homes (houses and apartments), apartment complexes, hotels, shopping centers and office buildings.

2. Industrial Buildings: factories, warehouses, production plants and distribution centers, etc.

3. Infrastructure Projects: Road networks, tunnels, bridges, railways and other infrastructure.

4. Energy Projects: Wind farms, solar farms, hydropower plants and other energy projects.

Role of Inter Power, for Investment Project Management in record keeping:

Investment Project Management firms play an important role in taking care of the documentation of a construction site from the beginning to the end of the project. Here is how we manage the various aspects of documentation:

1. Project documentation: we take care of the preparation, organization and updating of project documentation. This includes all drawings, specifications, technical documents, requirements and other materials related to the design and construction of the site.

2. Regularization and permits: we also handle the regularization of the construction and the acquisition of the necessary permits and building licenses. This includes the preparation of necessary documentation such as applications, plans, compliance requirements and other documents required by local authorities and regulators.

3. Construction permits and licenses: we carry out the registration of the construction site and obtain the necessary construction permits and licenses. We take care of the preparation and submission of all necessary documents and forms, as well as the payment of the relevant fees and license fees.

4. Preparation of acts and protocols. Including work acceptance certificates, test and acceptance certificates for individual construction stages, defect reports, and other documents that are part of the quality management and construction acceptance process.

5. Commissioning. This includes the preparation of necessary documentation for the site owner, such as operating instructions, warranty documents, quality certificates, etc.

Inter Power is your trusted partner in construction project management.

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