We provide comprehensive solutions including individual design for each of our services


Electrical Construction

We offer our customers a complete electrical construction service that covers everything from design, to installation and maintenance.

Photovoltaic Power Plants

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and elements for the design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks and plants.

Smart Home Systems

We are official representatives of ELKO EP and iNels for Bulgaria. Design and construction of RF-WIFI (wireless for ready homes) and BUS (with wiring for new homes) SMART HOME systems.

Industrial Lighting

We offer design and installation of LED lighting for factories, workshops, offices, outdoor areas and public buildings, with the possibility of fully automated control, according to the natural illumination and the requirements of the regulation.

Domestic Lighting

We offer a wide range of home lighting solutions to meet your lighting needs - from design and 3D visualization, to delivery and installation.

Lightning Protection Installations

We offer design, construction and certification of active lightning protection installations as well as construction of earthing installations.

CCTV - SOD - Fire Alarm

We build, install and maintain individually designed systems tailored to the specific requirements of each of our customers.

Assembling electrical panels

We specialise in the meticulous and precise assembly of electrical panels, offering a complete service from design to final installation that meets the diverse needs of our customers.