Boutique residential building - Veliko Tarnovo


Location: Veliko Tarnovo

We are developing a project for a boutique residential building in the wonderful city of Veliko Tarnovo, which promises to offer future apartment owners an extremely comfortable and contemporary living experience.

The complete electrical installation will be built with attention to detail and in accordance with the latest standards for security and energy efficiency. It will provide reliable and convenient power to all electrical appliances and systems in the apartments.

The smart installation provided by our partners at iNELS will be the central part of the smart home we aim to offer. This system will allow homeowners to control and manage various aspects of their home, including lighting, heating, air conditioning and much more, via mobile devices or tablets.

We will also pay special attention to boutique household lighting, which will be selected with an eye to creating a unique atmosphere in each apartment. A variety of scene setting and dimming options will add comfort and style to any space.

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