Children's centre in REMO "Etar" - Gabrovo

The new children's educational center, part of the Regional Ethnographic Open-Air Museum "Etar", opens its doors to its youngest visitors in a modern renovated building. This new building is erected on the site of the previous small wooden house with an area of 38 square meters, where since 2013 children have been introduced to various crafts and domestic skills.

We are proud to share that we contributed to the creation of a modern and safe environment by building an electrical installation that ensures the safety and smooth functioning of all systems in the center, for each of the different areas we designed and carried out the installation of LED lighting fixtures that meet all requirements. Additionally, we introduced attractive façade lighting, making the centre visible and welcoming. Security has been addressed by integrating CCTV and a security alarm system.

Our goal is to provide children not only with amenities, but also with an exciting learning experience at REMO Eter Children's Centre.

More information about the new centre can be found here.

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