Hippoland store - Mladost, Sofia


Location: Sofia

Hippoland AD is a Bulgarian company established in 2005 with the aim of building a chain of large stores for children and baby goods throughout the country. Hippoland's mission is to give parents the widest choice of quality and branded goods for their babies and children, and to serve this choice with competence, courtesy and care.

Hippoland trusted us to replace the entire lighting system in the Hippoland store in the district Mladost, Sofia. Replacing the old fluorescent fixtures with new LED lights had an extremely positive impact on the lighting in the store.

The most impressive achievement of this project was the reduction of electricity costs by a significant 60%. This result is testament to the increased energy efficiency achieved through the implementation of LED technology.

The lighting analysis and design developed by our team played a key role in the successful implementation of the project. This analysis was tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the store, which contributed to the selection of the optimal LED lights and their placement to meet Hippoland's requirements.

Inter Power is Hippoland's official partner for lighting maintenance and replacement throughout the store network.

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