Single family house - Panagyurishte

In a single-family house in Panagyurishte, a complex project for electrical installation and integrated comfort and security systems was implemented.

In the house, electrical wiring and lighting installation were built to provide efficient electrical power and lighting. An anti-icing system on the driveways around the house and garage prevents the danger of icing, ensuring safe movement.

Lightning protection installation is an important element in protecting property from the damaging effects of thunderstorms. CCTV contributes to the security of the house and its occupants by providing real-time video surveillance.

A smart intercom system allows you to control and communicate with visitors even when you are not on site. Together with our partners from HydroClimate, heating and air conditioning systems have been installed to ensure comfort in the home in different seasons.

Irrigation system management provides an easy way to maintain the garden. Switches and outlets were selected to match the design of the house, combining functionality and aesthetics.

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