Grand Hotel Therme - Banya


Location: Banya

Services performed:

Grand Hotel Terme is located in the village of Banya near Bansko. It offers Austrian style, luxury accommodation, international cuisine and perfection from nature. The complex is supplied with water from a mineral spring, located 3 km from the village of Banya and is surrounded by great nature, giving many opportunities for various sports activities.

At the renowned Grand Hotel Therme, our experienced lighting experts played a key role in the process of illuminating the hotel. They provided a professional consultation that helped select the most appropriate lighting for the site. Following the successful consultation, we delivered the chosen lighting solutions which created a new dimension to the ambience of the hotel.

This project illustrates our ability to provide bespoke solutions for each client. The initial consultation was crucial as it allowed our experts to understand the specific needs and style of Grand Hotel Therme. This enabled us to suggest suitable lighting products and solutions that matched their vision and functional requirements.

This project represents our ability to work in partnership with our clients and provide innovative and customised solutions. The lighting became not just functional, but part of the unique experience the hotel offers its guests.

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