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Lighting tips for the home: How to create the perfect atmosphere

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Proper lighting is a key element to creating a comfortable and functional home. From the selection of appropriate light fixtures to their placement, lighting plays an important role in defining the ambiance and comfort of any room. In this article, we will provide you with a few helpful lighting tips that will help you achieve the ideal environment in your home.

1. Use layered lighting

One of the most important principles in lighting design is the use of different layers of light. This includes:

  • General lighting: the main light source that provides even illumination throughout the room (e.g., ceiling lights or chandeliers).
  • Task lighting: Focused lighting for specific activities such as reading, cooking or working (e.g. table lamps, reading lamps, under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen).
  • Accent lighting: Used to highlight specific objects or architectural elements (e.g. wall lights, spot lights, picture lighting).

2. Choose suitable bulbs

The choice of bulbs is essential to achieve the desired ambience:

  • Colour temperature: For a warmer and cosier light, choose bulbs with a colour temperature of around 2700K-3000K. For a cooler and more energizing light, choose bulbs with a color temperature around 4000K-5000K.
  • Brightness: Match the brightness of the bulbs (measured in lumens) to the room size and specific needs. Brighter light is suitable for work areas, while softer light is ideal for relaxation.
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3. Use dimmable luminaires

    Dimmable luminaires allow you to control the brightness of the light depending on your mood and activities. They are particularly useful in the living room and bedroom, where different moments require different levels of lighting.

    4. Combine different types of lighting

      Combine different types of lighting fixtures to achieve interesting visual effects and functionality:

      • Ceiling lights: Provide the main lighting.
      • Table and floor lamps: Complement the main lighting and add comfort.
      • Wall lights and sconces: Accentuate architectural elements and create accents.
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      5. Optimise lighting in the kitchen

        The kitchen requires special attention as it is a working area:

        • Under-cabinet lighting: Provides direct light onto work surfaces.
        • Recessed spots or LED strips: Provide even lighting and create a modern look.
        • Central lighting: Ceiling luminaire that provides general lighting throughout the kitchen.

        6. Create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom

          The bedroom should be a place of relaxation:

          • Soft and warm light: Use bulbs with a lower color temperature (around 2700K).
          • Table lamps: Ideal for reading and creating a cosy atmosphere.
          • Dimmable lights: Allow you to adjust the brightness as needed.
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          7. Lighting in the bathroom

          The bathroom also requires adequate lighting:

          • Mirror lighting: position a light around or above the mirror to evenly illuminate the face.
          • Moisture-resistant fixtures: Choose fixtures that are moisture-resistant and safe to use in the bathroom.
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          8. Lighting in Corridors and Stairs

          Corridors and stairs are often overlooked, but proper lighting is important for safety and aesthetics:

          • Wall lights: suitable for illuminating long corridors.
          • Recessed spots: Ideal for stairwell areas.

          Lighting is an essential element of interior design that can transform your home and improve your quality of life. By properly combining different types of lighting fixtures and carefully choosing bulbs, you can create a cozy, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment in any room. Invest the time and effort into your lighting planning and you'll enjoy the results for years to come.

          If you would like us to create the perfect lighting for your home, contact us for a free inspection and custom quote.


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