The Inter Power showroom in Gabrovo

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We are pleased to present to you our unique LED lighting showroom at 51 Orlovska Street in Gabrovo. We are proud to show you the wide range of lighting solutions we offer, as well as provide you with professional advice from our lighting experts.

Inter Power Light Shop in Gabrovo:

Anyone looking for modern and energy efficient lighting solutions will find inspiration in our showroom. Whether you're designing a new home, improving the interior of your business, or simply looking to transform the atmosphere at home, our lighting experts are here to guide you.

Professional Light Experts:

The team at Inter Power understands the importance of making the right lighting choices for any space. Our lighting experts are prepared to provide you with personalized advice to find the perfect solutions to fit your needs.

Diverse Lighting Solutions:

Inter Power offers a wide selection of LED lighting products, including:

  • Built-in LED Lights: Carefully integrated, they create a contemporary atmosphere in any space.
  • Pendant Lights: for people who appreciate exceptional design and elegance.
  • LED Facade Lighting: We advise anyone who wants to make an impression at night.
  • Sensor Lighting: Systems that care about your comfort while saving energy.

Saving Energy and Protecting the Environment:

The energy efficiency of LED lighting is not its only advantage. These products reduce energy costs and help protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Inter Power's showroom in the town of Gabrovo is not only a place to buy lighting, but also a unique experience where functionality and style merge into one. Our lighting not only transforms your spaces, but also contributes to a better future.

Come to our showroom on Orlovska 51 sreet in Gabrovo. Let's discover the magic of LED lighting together. We are here to guide you towards a brighter and more energy efficient future through light design.


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