Investment project management

Investment project management is a complex process that encompasses the planning, coordination, execution and control of all aspects of a construction project in order to successfully complete it within budget, timeframes and quality specifications.

The investment project management service is suitable for investors from home and abroad or for people who do not have the time, knowledge or experience to manage a construction project, as well as for people who are not on site and cannot manage the project personally.

Advantages of using the service:

  • Expert approach and professionalism.
  • Efficient resource management: optimization of costs, time and teams.
  • Strategic planning and execution: Defining clear objectives, developing strategies and continuous monitoring.
  • Risk mitigation: Identify, assess and manage potential risks.
  • Local knowledge and resources: Knowledge of local markets, legislation and access to local suppliers.
  • Effective time and distance management: Ability to manage the project remotely.
  • Saving time and effort: Freeing the client from coordinating different aspects of the project.
  • Better control and transparency: Regular reports, transparency of costs, progress and risks.

What does the client gain?

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: streamlined processes, more efficient use of resources.
  • Cost optimization: Preventing losses from overruns and poor performance.
  • Regular reports and meetings: Information on progress, financial status, problems and risks.
  • Web-based project management systems: real-time progress tracking.
  • Identifying and managing risks.
  • Transparency in processes and decisions: Explaining the rationale for decisions.

Inter Power has a variety of methods and tools to effectively execute tasks using Gantt charts and network diagrams, project budgeting and financial management, project management software platforms and risk management.

We manage various types of construction activities including Residential and Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Infrastructure Projects as well as Energy Projects.

Inter Power takes complete care of your construction project documentation, from start to finish.

  • Project documentation: preparation, organization and updating of drawings, specifications, technical documents, requirements and other materials.
  • Regularization and Permitting: Securing all necessary building permits and licenses, including preparation of documentation, payment of fees, etc.
  • Building permits and licenses: Site registration, obtaining building permits and licenses.
  • Deeds and reports: Preparation of acceptance of work, test reports, defect reports, etc.
  • Commissioning: preparation of owner documentation, operating instructions, warranty documents, quality certificates.

Inter Power is your reliable partner in construction. Contact us to help you realize your dreams!

Find out how we work

Find out how we work

After contacting us, we will get to know your project, specific requirements and all features
We prepare an offer for our services in this activity
Selection of contractors and implementation of the entire project
We undertake a detailed inspection of the work carried out, handing over execution and warranty documentation, drawings and photo and video material.

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