Baldaran warehouse - Devin

The spring water is bottled in the town of Baldaran. Devin, in a plant equipped with two production lines from leading European companies in the industry. The lines are automated and the production cycle is closed. The company has two water withdrawal permits with a total annual capacity of 260 million litres.

In the warehouse of Spring Water Baldaran, we successfully implemented the design and construction of lighting and electrical installation. This project represents a key step towards optimising the building infrastructure and ensuring optimal working conditions and staff safety.

The design began with a detailed analysis of the warehouse's needs, as well as the preparation of a plan for the optimal placement of lighting and electrical components. This includes defining the optimum lighting in the different areas of the warehouse, tailored to the specifics of the work and safety requirements. This is followed by the construction of the electrical installation, which covers the installation of electrical panels, power cables and electrical outlets.

By integrating modern LED luminaires, high luminous efficiency and energy savings are achieved. These LED lights provide even and bright lighting in all parts of the warehouse, facilitating work processes and increasing the safety of the working environment.

This successful project demonstrates Spring Water Baldaran's commitment to continuously improving its infrastructure, combining innovation, functionality and efficiency for optimal working conditions and sustainability.

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