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Location: Sofia

Services performed:

A futuristic smart office automated entirely with the wired iNELS-BUS system.

An avant-garde project realized fully automatically without a single physical key to disturb the clean design. The site automation includes automatic lighting control implemented with DALI2, heating control separately for each zone, sun control implemented with automatic sunshades and fire and surge protection of the power panels.

In addition to office management, the iNELS-BUS system also monitors the real-time status of each device - there is no need to check for lights and heating on in this facility. The entire system can be controlled from anywhere in the world with the mobile app.

The complex system allowed us to fulfill the customer's wish for fully automated lighting regulation without the need for human action.

  • The system automatically adjusts the lighting per room for each day of the week by hours.
  • The system automatically adjusts the degree of closing of the shades for each day of the week by hours.
  • The system automatically turns off the lighting and heating and lowers the shades at the end of the working day.
  • The system automatically turns on the morning lighting when employees enter to clean the site.
  • At any point, the lighting can be manually adjusted with our mobile app to create the perfect atmosphere for the work environment.
  • With iNELS there is no need to interrupt work to adjust the lighting - everything is done automatically or with a single button from the mobile app.

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