The process of assembling electrical panels

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assembling electrical panels is the process of assembling the individual components of an electrical switchboard. This process is essential for the proper functioning of the electrical installation and to ensure the safety of users.

Stages of electrical switchboard assembly

  1. Design. This process is carried out by an electrical engineer who determines the type and number of components as well as their location in the panel.
  2. Component selection:
    • Protection devices: fuses, circuit breakers, differential-current protection.
    • Switching devices: contactors, relays, starters.
    • Measuring devices: ammeters, voltmeters, power meters.
    • Wires: cables, busbars.
  3. Assembly: assembly of the electrical panel is carried out by a qualified electrician. He assembles the individual components in the panel, strictly observing the designs and regulatory requirements.
  4. Testing. Testing is carried out by an electrician who checks for:
    • Correct connection of components.
    • The functionality of the protective devices.
    • The insulation characteristics of the panel.

Types of electrical panels:

  • Main distribution boards: These boards are installed at the top of the electrical installation and are used to distribute electricity to individual consumers.
  • Floor boards: these boards are installed on each floor of a building and serve to distribute electricity to the apartments.
  • Control panels: these panels are installed to control specific appliances or systems such as pumps, fans, lighting.

It is important to note that assembling electrical panels is a complex process that must be performed by qualified electricians. Improper electrical panel assembly can lead to serious accidents and endanger user safety.

Assembling electrical panels is an important stage of the electrical installation. A quality assembled electrical panel ensures the proper functioning of the electrical installation, the safety of the users and the long-term operation of the electrical appliances.

That is why it is important to trust professionals who will guarantee:

  • Quality: we use only high quality materials and components to ensure the durability and reliability of your electrical panel.
  • Reliability: Our team of qualified electricians have a wealth of experience in electrical panel assembly and will take care of every step of the process, from design to installation.
  • Safety: We strictly adhere to all safety regulations to ensure your electrical panel is safe for you and your family.

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