Boutique residential building - Veliko Tarnovo


Location: Veliko Tarnovo

This boutique building, located in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, exudes sophistication and functionality thanks to the complex approach and innovative solutions that have been applied. The project combines modern technology with elegant design.

The complete electrical installation in the building ensures functionality, comfort and security. With the smart iNELS system cleverly integrated into each apartment, owners can control various aspects of their home, such as lighting, heating and more, through centralized control.

The addition of an intercom with facial recognition improves security and convenience for occupants by allowing intuitive visitor identification and building access control.

Our lighting experts conducted an inspection and provided valuable advice on choosing lighting that best suited the needs and look of the building. Their professionalism and experience guarantee optimum results in creating the right atmosphere and functional lighting in any part of the property.

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the "EFAPEL" series, our consultants suggested the best options for switches and sockets to meet the high standards of quality and design, combining them with intelligent building technology.

This project is an example of the perfect synergy between functionality, innovation and elegant design, creating an exceptional property that combines comfort and modernity in one sophisticated object.

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