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Location: Gabrovo

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The Ceratecite Group has been operating in Bulgaria since 1996. It is a high-tech engineering group specialising in the production of hard metal tools and technologies. The company was formed after a merger between Plansee TICIT - Austria, and Cerametal - Luxembourg. Both companies have many years of experience in the production of hard alloys. Worldwide, the group has 50 plants and over 7,500 employees.

We have completed a project to design and build a lighting installation in Ceratizit's production room.

The design and construction of the lighting installation was carried out carefully and in accordance with Ceratizit's specific requirements and needs. Our goal was to provide optimum lighting that improves the working environment and supports the efficiency of the production process.

This project reflects our commitment to quality and innovation in lighting. We appreciate the trust Ceratizit has placed in us and are proud to be able to assist in optimizing their manufacturing process through advanced and efficient lighting solutions.

Thank you for trusting us!

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