Gabrovo Retail Park

We are pleased to present Gabrovo Retail Park, an ongoing project we are working on. This retail park will offer its visitors a modern and comfortable shopping environment combined with a host of amenities. This project is complex and covers the following activities:
  • Electrical installation: compliant with all regulations and designed for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Low-current installation: structured cabling system that will ensure seamless communication and data transmission.
  • Industrial lighting: lighting for production rooms, warehouses and other work areas, designed for optimum visibility and energy efficiency.
  • Office lighting: lighting for offices, tailored to the needs of employees and to create a comfortable working environment.
  • Facade lighting: Aesthetic and functional lighting of the building façade. Area lighting: Lighting of the external spaces around the building to ensure safety and security.
  • Fire Alarm: An early fire warning system that will ensure rapid response and evacuation of people.
  • CCTV: CCTV system for security and access control.
  • Electrical panels: fabrication and installation of electrical panels tailored to the needs of the project.
  • Photovoltaic power plant: Construction of a photovoltaic system to generate electricity from sunlight.
  • Lightning protection and earthing: Lightning protection and earthing of all electrical installations.
  • Lighting automation via DALI control: Intelligent lighting control system that will ensure energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Design, supply and commissioning of 630kVA BCCP.
We are confident that Retail Park Gabrovo will become a favorite shopping and entertainment destination for the residents of Gabrovo and the region. Thank you for trusting us! Inter Power Ltd - Because you deserve more.

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