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The BodyLux brand was established in 2003 as a result of the experience of its founder Evgeni Tinchev Tinchev, a specialist in luxury kitchens. Production is carried out in a workshop equipped for this purpose, with materials and mechanisms of manufacturers from Germany, Austria, France and Italy, each of which is known in its professional field. By applying innovative and original technologies, BodyLux has managed to establish itself as a manufacturer and publisher of luxury designer collections.

The industrial LED lighting project at the Bodylux site in Gabrovo is not only a lighting upgrade, but also an improvement in working conditions and efficiency in the workspace.

The process of building the industrial LED lighting was carried out with attention to the specific needs of Bodylux. The selection of high quality LED lights was critical to improving the illuminance in the space while reducing power consumption.

LED lighting technology provides numerous benefits including better and more even light, reduced maintenance costs and longer luminaire life. This combines not only cost-effectiveness, but also an improved working environment.

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