Chalet Balgarka

Hut "Bulgarka" is located on the pass of Trevna Pass in the Balkan Mountains. It is a massive three-storey building. Its capacity is 52 places. The hut is water-supplied, electrified, heated by a local steam installation on solid fuel. There is a tourist kitchen and canteen. Hut "Balgarka" is a point of the European route E-3 (Com-Emine).

During the renovation of hut Balgarka were replaced electrical wiring, lighting installation and installed lightning protection in the hut. This provides guests with more comfort, safety and enjoyment during their stay.

The wiring and lighting installation are key to providing reliable and efficient power and lighting in the lodge. They allow visitors to enjoy a comfortable stay and enjoy all the amenities of the place.

Lightning protection is an important aspect for the security of the building and the property within. It protects against the potential risks associated with a lightning strike during thunderstorms.

We would like to express our gratitude to the construction company Vertical 90 for their trust and successful cooperation in the renovation process of the Balgarka Chalet. This project improves conditions for visitors and creates a safe and pleasant environment to stay.

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