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Location: Plovdiv

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Hippoland AD is a Bulgarian company established in 2005 with the aim of building a chain of large stores for children and baby goods throughout the country. Hippoland's mission is to give parents the widest choice of quality and branded goods for their babies and children, and to serve this choice with competence, courtesy and care.

They trusted us for a complete replacement of the lighting in the shop in the town of Plovdiv. The result of the successful replacement of the old luminescent lights with new LED lights was extremely positive for the lighting in the store. This significantly improved the visual comfort for both customers and staff, making the products on display and the retail space look better.

The most noticeable result of this project was the reduction in energy costs by a staggering 60%. This demonstrates the increase in energy efficiency that has been achieved through the successful introduction of LED technology.

The lighting analysis and design developed by our team was a key contributor to the success of the whole project. This analysis was prepared with care, taking into account the specific requirements and needs of the store, making the selection of the most suitable LED lights and their position easy and tailored to Hipoland's requirements.

Inter Power is Hipoland's official partner for lighting maintenance and replacement throughout the store network.

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