LoRaWAN network- Gabrovo


Location: Gabrovo

Services performed:

We are proud to share the successful construction of part of the LoRaWAN network in the city of Gabrovo, which is a powerful infrastructure tool for monitoring and managing sensors in the urban environment. This project is an expression of our commitment to innovation and technological advancement, contributing to more efficient and smarter management of various aspects of urban life.

Through the LoRaWAN network, condition monitoring of underground garbage containers has been successfully implemented, improving the waste collection process and contributing to a cleaner and tidier urban environment. Also, monitoring the water levels of the Yantra River with sensors provides important information for flood forecasting and prevention.

Pilot projects to monitor garbage collection and report subscribers' water consumption to the water utility are practical and innovative approaches that contribute to more efficient management of resources and services in the city. In addition, the network is also used for the communication and monitoring of stations monitoring air quality, which significantly impacts the healthy and ecological environment of the city of Gabrovo.

This project represents a step towards smart and sustainable management of the urban environment and resources, reflecting our commitment to innovation and technological development.

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