LIMK - Gabrovo, production hall 2


Location: Velkovtsi

Services performed:

"LIMK" Ltd. is a dynamically developing company with the main activity of construction, reconstruction and repair of residential, administrative, industrial and public buildings and their communications. The company devotes great attention and resources to the development of the activity of design, manufacture and installation of metal halls, which are the leading for the company.

We present the completed project for LIMK, including the design and construction of industrial and facade lighting in production room 2. With our commitment and professionalism, we were able to create an innovative and quality solution that met the needs of LIMK.

The industrial lighting project was constructed with the pursuit of optimum illumination and energy efficiency in the production room. Specialised lighting solutions were integrated to provide not only adequate visibility of the work area, but also improved working conditions for staff.

Also, the facade lighting was designed and installed with attention to the visual appearance of LIMK. It adds to the aesthetics and at the same time enhances the visibility and recognisability of the building, creating a professional and contemporary look.

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