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Medpack Swiss Group is a Swiss commercial and industrial corporation that owns several own factories producing high quality medical goods. One of them is the Medtech Swiss Ltd factory, which is located in Bulgaria. Medtex Swiss Ltd produces orthopedic bandages and belts of high quality, which are available on the world market-Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East.

The project for the replacement of the luminescent lighting with LED in the production room of Medtex Swiss in the town of Gabrovo represents a successful and innovative step towards optimization of energy efficiency and working environment. This project demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability and improving the working conditions of its employees.

By replacing the luminescent lighting with LED in the production area, Medtex Swiss achieved impressive results. After the replacement, 60% less electricity consumption for lighting was achieved. The illuminance was increased by 20%, which plays a key role in improving the working environment, thus creating better working conditions and reducing the risk of visual strain for employees. The increased illumination also contributes to better employee productivity by reducing the likelihood of errors and waste. This aspect has a direct impact on the quality of production and the efficiency of work processes.

Also the street lighting around the factory was replaced with LED. This move not only improved safety and visibility in the factory's surroundings, but also contributed to a better visual perception of the site.

The lighting replacement project at Medtex Swiss exudes an example of the successful integration of technological innovation into the corporate environment to improve efficiency, staff satisfaction and energy sustainability.

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