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Panchim Ltd. is one of the leading European and the only Bulgarian producer of sheets and granules of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polystyrene, known as Plexiglas. The company was established in 1999 and operates in its own production facility.

In the second stage of the project Panhim, Stara Zagora our team implemented the construction of industrial lighting, electrical installation, fire alarm and lightning protection installation.

We used a sequence of strategically placed light sources in the construction of the industrial lighting system. This has ensured optimum uniform illumination of the various work areas and corridors within the facility. The lighting system is intelligently controlled, allowing optimum use of energy and maintaining the desired level of illuminance.

The design and implementation of the electrical installation was carried out with great attention to detail. All elements of the installation have been carefully integrated to provide a seamless and reliable power supply for all devices and systems on site.

The fire alarm system includes intelligent sensors that continuously monitor the environment for signs of fire. In the event of smoke or fire detection, the system automatically generates an alert and activates the fire alarm, allowing for a quick and efficient response by those within the facility.

The lightning protection system plays a crucial role in protecting the facility from the damage caused by atmospheric discharges. Installing a quality lightning protection system protects electrical systems, equipment and the building as a whole from potential damage.

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