Podemcrane - Gabrovo


Location: Gabrovo

Podemcrane is one of the world's leading suppliers of crane components for crane manufacturers and end customers.

We present the project we have completed for Podemcrane, which includes the design and construction of industrial lighting, electrical installation and evacuation lighting. This project is the result of our professionalism and dedication to providing high quality solutions.

The design and build process was carried out with strict adherence to the specific requirements and needs of Podemcrane. Our goal was to create optimal lighting that not only improves the working environment, but also increases the efficiency of the production process and ensures safety during evacuation.

We integrated specialized industrial light fixtures that provide bright and uniform illumination. Our experts also ensured the reliable operation and safety of the installations. We are happy to assist in improving the working environment, efficiency and safety of Podemkran by presenting comprehensive and reliable solutions.

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