REALMET IAS Innovation Group - Kyustendil, stage 2


Location: Kustendil

Services performed:

REALMET IAS Innovation Group Ltd. started its business activities as a recycling company that deals with the collection, storage and transportation of various types of waste. Now, Realmet is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of metal containers and structures.

After the successful first phase of the renovation of the production hall of Realmet, we are entering the second phase. The plan includes:

  • Replacement of energy consuming luminaires with LED technology, which will improve energy efficiency and illuminance.
  • Introduction of biodynamic lighting that will respond to presence and adjust the intensity and temperature of the light.
  • Construction of a new electrical installation ensuring the security and reliability of all systems.
  • In the future, adding a 400KW photovoltaic system will help produce clean energy.

This project combines energy efficiency, sustainability and smart lighting,

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