Dental office - Gabrovo

In the dental office "NEW VISION" we designed, supplied and installed LED lighting, which is crucial for creating a comfortable and functional working environment. Properly selected lighting not only improves the visual atmosphere in the office, but also supports the precision and efficiency of dental procedures.

Electrical wiring plays an equally important role, ensuring the reliability and safety of the office's electrical systems. This includes appropriate power distribution and the integration of advanced technologies that facilitate the work of the staff.

CCTV is part of the safety and control system. An integrated CCTV system allows monitoring of work processes and provides protection for both staff and valuable materials and equipment.

An installed sound system is an important aspect, especially when it comes to patient comfort. A properly adjusted sound system creates a pleasant atmosphere and helps patients feel more relaxed during procedures.

These measures are necessary not only to maintain safety and efficiency in the office, but also to create happy and satisfied patients. The design and construction of all these systems reflect NEW VISION's commitment to providing professional services in a modern and comfortable workspace.

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