Three-storey house - Sofia


Location: Sofia

Services performed:

Three-storey house plus basement and adjoining yard, fully automated with the iNELS-RF wireless system - without any renovations. An extremely ambitious project involving over 200 control devices in a single system working like a well-tuned orchestra - only possible with the iNELS system!

The automation of the site is extensive and includes all lighting / with light regulation /, heating in 8 heating zones, complex sun protection with automatic blinds, control of household appliances, flood protection, surge protection, control of pergola, awning, pool cover, pool temperature, irrigation, ventilation, steam room, garage and gate doors. In addition to controlling the entire house with the iNELS system, we also monitor the real-time status of each device - no need to check for plugged-in appliances and lights at this site. The entire system can be controlled from anywhere in the world with our mobile app.

Together with the client, we created over 20 scenes according to their wishes for maximum comfort and peace of mind:

  • Preheating of the steam room combined with opening of the gate and garage door with lighting the way to the bathroom.
  • A single button that can turn off all lighting in the house as well as the home appliances.
  • A "Good Morning" scene in which the blinds in the nursery are gradually raised, the lights are turned on and turned up, and all the bathroom lights are turned on.
  • A 'Cinema' scene where all distracting lighting is switched off and the concealed lighting is discreetly switched on at 10% illumination.
  • Our calm and security scenarios include a presence simulation whereby when the security alarm is triggered, lights are switched on, curtains are moved and the presence of people is simulated. And many more with the ability to change at any time!

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