Smart apartment - Sofia


Location: Sofia

Services performed:

Luxury five bedroom smart apartment, fully automated with the iNELS-BUS cable system! Together with the client we created over 20 unique scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort and security:

  • Climate control of radiators via room thermostats. Ability for schedules and remote control from mobile phone and any Smart device.
  • LED lighting control:
    • LED strips via DALI protocol.
    • Dimming, switching on and off of illuminated stretch ceiling.
    • Dimmable LED lighting.
    • LED kitchen cabinet lighting with open/close sensors.
    • Dimmable night-time directional lighting, via motion sensors, only triggered when you get out of the bedroom.
    • ON/OFF lighting.
  • Control of curtains and horizontal internal blinds. Possibility of automatic control from a weather station. A scene has been created where if the sun is strong and there is no one in the room, the curtains and blinds will automatically lower.
  • An audio system has been installed throughout the apartment via "LARA AUDIO".
  • Remote opening and unlocking of garage door and front door.
  • One button turns off all lighting in the house.
  • We set scenes for "Good Morning", "Dinner", "Entertainment" which save time and nerves of the client.
  • Control of kitchen appliances and the ability to turn off by smoke sensor.
  • Control of laundry room and possibility to switch off by flood sensor.
  • Control of ironing equipment and switching off the iron socket.

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