Hotel Incanto - Sevlievo


Location: Sevlievo

Services performed:

Two Smart VIP suites are to be built at the Hotel Incanto in Sevlievo, which will offer guests a unique experience. The iNELS smart system will be the heart of these smart suites. It will allow the control and management of all aspects of convenience and comfort of the hotel guests.

With this smart control, there will be the ability to adjust the lighting according to the mood and needs of the guests, including hidden light fixtures that can create a cozy atmosphere. Blinds and curtains will also be easily controllable, allowing guests to adjust light levels and privacy according to their preferences.

To make guests' stay even more special, we will install touch tablets on the walls in the suites. These tablets will provide guests with intuitive and easy access to the various features and scenes we have provided. For example, guests will be able to easily activate a "good morning" scene that will automatically adjust the lights, open the blinds and suggest comfort settings for the morning wake-up. A "romance" scene and similar options will add excitement and romance to the stay.

These Smart VIP Suites at the Hotel Incanto Hotel in Sevlievo will not only provide luxury and comfort, but will also combine this comfort with a high degree of intelligent control that will make guests' stay unforgettable and unique.

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