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The Ceratizit Group has been operating in Bulgaria since 1996. It is a high-tech engineering group specialized in the production of tools and technologies from hard metals. The company was formed after a merger between Plansee TICIT - Austria, and Cerametal - Luxembourg. Both companies have many years of experience in the production of hard alloys. Globally, the group has 50 plants and over 7,500 employees.

The process of designing and building industrial LED lighting for Ceratizit Bulgaria represents an innovative and strategic solution that combines energy efficiency, functionality and optimization of the working environment.

Our specialists created a detailed plan for integrating LED lighting into the company's production facilities and work areas. This plan includes an illuminance analysis, calculations for the required luminous flux and optimal placement of the LED lights, which contributes to maximum visibility and comfort for workers while reducing energy consumption.

The approach to the construction of industrial LED lighting involves the use of specialised LED lights that offer a long service life and higher luminous efficiency compared to conventional luminaires. This technology contributes to reduced operating costs through lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance and bulb replacement needs.

An important aspect of the project is also the ability to dim and control the LED lighting in real time. This allows Ceratizit to adjust light intensity depending on the specific needs and activities in different areas of the building, improving work rates and staff efficiency.

By combining the advanced capabilities of LED technology with the specific needs of Ceratizit, the industrial LED lighting project not only provides optimal lighting and convenience, but also contributes to the sustainability and competitiveness of the company in the future.

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