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Location: Sofia

Services performed:

Luxury five bedroom apartment fully automated with the iNELS-BUS cable system! Large-scale project executed in collaboration with a professional designer.

The automation of the facility is complete and includes all lighting from over 40 lighting circuits, heating in 6 heating zones, complex sun protection with automatic blinds, control of household appliances, fire protection, surge protection, security system, air conditioning, weather station, ventilation and zone sound.

The stylish interior design executed in natural wood with natural shapes is complemented by designer smart switches from EFAPEL's LOGUS90 series, while additional control is provided by a local tablet acting as a central controller.

The entire system can be managed and controlled from anywhere in the world with our mobile app. We took care of the customer's security by creating a security system with wireless motion sensors and open window sensors. We reduced heating costs by over 30% by automating complex heating with individual zones, in combination with radiators and air conditioners.

We created a zoned sound system on site with our internet LARA radio, integrating it instead of a morning alarm in 3 rooms. We achieved a new level of comfort by automating the LARA radios to play a different type of music depending on the time of day and the room the customer is in.

We have optimised heating costs further with automatic sun control according to the outside conditions.

We insured the customer against fire with the automation of smoke sensors, which, when triggered, sound an alarm and stop the power supply to all appliances.

Together with the client, we created over 30 unique scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort and safety:

  • Automatically illuminate dressing rooms and make-up rooms without the need to press a button.
  • Limiting the possibility of switching on appliances and lights in the absence of the customer when service personnel are working in the facility.
  • A single button that can be used to turn off all lighting in the house and lower all blinds.
  • One button that controls as many as 8 lights in the living room.
  • Warning for open windows.
  • Automatic humidity control of bathroom ventilation without the need for human intervention.
  • Numerous lighting scenes consulted with a designer to create the perfect atmosphere according to the situation.
  • During hot summer days, the automatic cooling regulation combined with the control of the external blinds is particularly pleasant.
  • Presence simulation scenes - possible with the iNELS Smart System and guaranteeing additional peace of mind when away from home. And many other possibilities with the option to change at any time!

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