One-storey house - Draganovtsi


Location: Draganovtsi

Services performed:

Luxury single-storey house with garage and adjoining yard plus outdoor annex automated with the iNELS-RF wireless system.

The project includes over 60 lighting circuits, recuperation control for indoor air control, a gutter defrost system and an electricity consumption control system. In addition to controlling the entire house with the iNELS system, we also monitor the real-time status of each device - no need to check for plugged-in appliances and lights at this facility. The entire system can be controlled from anywhere in the world with our mobile app and with physical wireless smart switches from EFAPEL's LOGUS90 design series.

An incredible convenience is the integration of Google Assistant with iNELS-RF to control the entire system via voice commands. We have reduced electricity consumption by over 30% with our power analysis and management system.

Together with the client, we created over 10 scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort and economy:

  • One button turns off all the lights in the house.
  • We save on electricity by controlling all the facade and fence lighting with a light sensor that only turns the lights on at dusk and they only work for a given time, not all night.
  • We took care of the client's health and comfort by controlling the ventilation on a schedule.We set scenes for "Good Morning", "Dinner", "Entertainment" which save the client time and nerves.
  • The dog walk is much more enjoyable when the facade lighting is controlled with our RF-KEY remote control.
  • The automatic control of gutter heating is not only a convenience but ensures no problems from snow and ice build-up.
  • Protection against surges and electric shocks in the electrical panel /additional insurance/.
  • Presence simulation scenes - only possible with Smart systems and guaranteeing additional peace of mind in absence.

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