Single family house - Gabrovo

This magnificent single family house with a total built-up area of 650 square meters represents a real gem in one of the most exquisite and desirable locations in Gabrovo and the surrounding areas.

We were given the responsibility to implement the following key elements:

  • Interior decorative luxury lighting: combining aesthetics with functionality, we have designed intriguing and beautiful lighting solutions that add even more comfort and style to the interior of the house.
  • Electrical: Carefully designed and constructed electrical wiring is essential for safety and comfort in the home. From the lighting to the sockets, everything is planned and executed with attention to detail.
  • Charging stations for electric cars: In line with future trends and the growing popularity of electric cars, we will provide charging stations that are ready to meet the energy needs of modern mobility.
  • Lightning protection: a lightning protection system provides additional protection for property and systems in the home from the potential risks associated with lightning storms.
  • Garden and façade lighting: outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces. For this purpose, we will create functional and aesthetic solutions for garden and facade lighting.
  • Smart system iNELS: With this smart system, all elements of the home - lighting, heating, sun protection, blinds, intercom and much more, can be controlled and managed from a central device, providing greater convenience and efficiency.

This single-family house will become a functional and elegant home, highlighting the connection between modern technology and the comfort of everyday life.

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