Single family house - Gabrovo

We successfully completed an extensive project in a single-family house located in the town of Gabrovo. The project included the complete design, supply and installation of electrical wiring, striving for the highest standards of quality and safety.

We ensured not only functionality but also sophisticated design, integrating domestic luxury lighting that highlighted the home and gave it a cosy and elegant feel. The facade lighting not only highlighted the contours of the building but also added aesthetics to its appearance.

The garden lighting system was planned and installed with visual comfort and garden safety in mind. Additionally, we installed lightning protection, ensuring the integrity of the systems were protected in the event of any weather disturbances.

In the area of security and communication, we added CCTV and an intercom system. CCTV provides constant surveillance and control of the periphery of the property, while the intercom system facilitates communication with visitors and provides the opportunity for an additional layer of protection.

Finally, we integrated smart controls for the gate and garage doors, providing homeowners with convenience and easy control. This modern element added an innovative character to the home and made it functional and contemporary.

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