EMGR - Gabrovo


Location: Gabrovo

We have successfully completed an EMGR project which includes the design and construction of electrical and lighting systems. Our company is particularly proud to have been given the opportunity to undertake this complex project, which reflects our vision of quality and innovative solutions.

At the outset, we conducted a detailed analysis of EMGR's specific requirements and needs. We then proceeded to design the electrical installation, which is the heart of the system. The electrical installation was built to a high standard of security, reliability and efficiency.

Industrial lighting was selected and installed according to the specific needs of EMGR's working environment. The façade lighting gives a harmonious appearance to the building and contributes to visual comfort, while the area lighting provides the necessary visibility and safety to the area around the site.

This project reflects our commitment to customized solutions and integrated systems that meet each client's individual needs.

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