Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas - Sveti Vlas


Location: Sveti Vlas

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Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas is a luxurious hotel complex built in a modern Mediterranean style and located on the very beach in Sveti Vlas. The hotel is located in the very centre of the town of Yurta. The hotel is located in the very center of the resort of St. Vlas.

At Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, our competent lighting experts played a key role by conducting a professional consultation in order to select the most appropriate lighting solutions. After the successful consultation, we delivered the selected lighting products that enriched the atmosphere and look of the hotel.

This project highlights our commitment to each client's individual needs. The consultation we carried out allowed us to become familiar with the specific requirements and style of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas. This helped us to provide lighting solutions that met their unique requirements.

The lighting not only improved the functionality of the hotel, but also created a unique visual experience for guests of the Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas.

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