Hippoland store - Mega Mall, Sofia


Location: Sofia

Hippoland AD is a Bulgarian company established in 2005 with the aim of building a chain of large stores for children and baby goods throughout the country. Hippoland's mission is to give parents the widest choice of quality and branded goods for their babies and children, and to serve this choice with competence, courtesy and care.

They trusted us to replace the old fluorescent lighting with modern LED lights in the Hippoland store in Mega Mall, Sofia. This important step towards modernising the lighting in the store not only improved the working environment, but also achieved impressive results in energy efficiency.

Lighting in the store doubled and became more uniform after the replacement with LED light fixtures. In addition, we realized an impressive 60% reduction in electricity consumption.

Replacing the old fluorescent lights with high-efficiency LED fixtures is not only an economically important solution, it also improves the working environment and increases convenience for customers. This is combined with exceptional energy savings, which makes a positive contribution to both the environment and the business.

Inter Power is Hippoland's official partner for lighting maintenance and replacement throughout the store network.

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