Bread factory Loznitsa - Loznitsa, mill

The modern mill and the storage farm for cereals are owned by the companies "Hlebozavod Loznitsa" Ltd. and "Agro Loznitsa" Ltd. The mill is for cereals, with an emphasis on coriander. This exotic spice will be exported mainly to countries and regions such as Singapore, India and the Middle East. The agro-complex also has the largest 60-tonne weighbridge in Ludogorie. They also have a state-of-the-art laboratory where the quality of the cereals is measured with great precision.

The basis of the mill's functionality is a designed and built secure electrical installation. The project included the construction of a suitable system to ensure a reliable power supply to all parts of the site. A complete lighting installation was designed and constructed covering industrial and facade lighting, ensuring adequate illumination for work and common areas. Optimum visibility and efficient energy use were achieved by installing an automated street lighting system throughout the complex.

High efficiency CCTV and fire alarm systems have been designed and installed to improve site security and control. The assembly, supply, installation and connection of electrical panels was carried out to ensure the correct control of the equipment.

Continuous operation was ensured by using a 1000 kVA diesel generator. This back-up power source allows autonomous continuation of machine operations in the event of a power failure.

The protection of equipment and personnel is ensured by the construction of a dedicated lightning protection system. A stable and trouble-free power supply to the site has been achieved by careful bundling of the power lines in the transformer substations.

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