Bread factory Loznitsa - Loznitsa, silo farm

The modern mill and the storage farm for cereals are owned by the companies "Hlebozavod Loznitsa" Ltd. and "Agro Loznitsa" Ltd. The mill is for cereals, with an emphasis on coriander. This exotic spice will be exported mainly to countries and regions such as Singapore, India and the Middle East. The agro-complex also has the largest 60-tonne weighbridge in Ludogorie. They also have a state-of-the-art laboratory where the quality of the cereals is measured with great precision.

The initial stage includes the design and construction of an electrical installation ensuring a reliable and stable power supply for the entire complex. With an emphasis on efficiency and safety, this installation provides uninterrupted power supply, which is vital for the continuous operation of the machinery and equipment.

To ensure uninterrupted operations, a back-up power system has been installed via a 1000kVA diesel generator. This generator automatically takes over power in the event of a power cut from the public grid, ensuring uninterrupted operation of machinery and equipment.

A lighting installation has also been designed and implemented within the farm to further optimise the processes and provide suitable working conditions and safety for staff. The automated street lighting system is a further contribution to the safety and functionality of the farm, providing bright and efficient illumination of the roads and areas around the buildings.

CCTV provides the ability to monitor different areas in real time and helps maintain safety by preventing unwanted incidents and helping to respond quickly when needed. In terms of security, lightning protection and structural earthing ensure that buildings and equipment are protected from possible damage in the event of electrical irregularities.

For efficiency purposes, power line bundling has also been carried out in substations, which contributes to power stability and reduces the risk of possible accidents.

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