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Location: Sofia

Sopharma AD is a Bulgarian public pharmaceutical company. It is the largest Bulgarian pharmaceutical company with 12 plants in Bulgaria and 3 abroad - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

We present you the successful project we implemented for Sopharma. We were chosen to carry out the maintenance and modernisation of the lighting.

Our team of specialists ensured continuous and efficient operation of the lighting systems at all of Sopharma's sites. This included regular inspection, replacement of necessary components and resolution of any problems. Our aim was to ensure comfort and safety in working environments while reducing electricity costs.

Replacing the old, inefficient and high-cost street lights with modern LED lighting was part of our plan. This process not only improved visibility and safety in the parking lots, but also reduced electricity costs significantly.

Sopharma's production facilities require specific lighting to ensure optimal working conditions and quality control. We have successfully replaced the old systems with modern LED lights that have improved working conditions.

One of the key milestones in the project was the replacement of all fluorescent lighting in the office and administrative areas with modern diode systems.

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