Smart Apartment - Bucharest, Romania


Location: Bucharest, Romania

Services performed:

We installed the iNELS smart system in a guest apartment in Bucharest. The iNELS guest room management solution is designed to create an environment that allows guests to feel at home. The hotel room always greets guests with a pleasant temperature, and the controls are very easy to use to create the atmosphere that is currently desired.

The guest suite features:

  • Multi-function touch panel - Fully configurable 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen display with a variety of frame designs. Allows control of all iNELS Hospitality functions including multimedia. Configurable to create custom screens to control lights, blinds, HVAC, audio, video and TV.
  • Glass Touch Panel - A deluxe glass touch panel in four versions with 2, 4, 6 and 10 buttons in different backlight colors is available in an elegant glass design. The switches also sense ambient lighting and offer character selection.
  • Glass night panel - Important buttons for lighting, TV scenes, master switch and sockets, other equipment sockets are also available.
  • Smart Card Holder - In-room smart card holder with RFID reader that detects the correct card and eliminates counterfeit cards.
  • Audio Player
  • Glass Room Thermostat
  • Wall switch with buttons

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