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Location: Sofia

Services performed:

We present you another smart apartment, executed in collaboration with elite designers, whose cutting-edge vision we realized with a wired iNELS-BUS system.

The system is controlled with innovative smart switches designed by EFAPEL's LOGUS90 series, with mobile app and local touch screen. As well as controlling the whole house, with iNELS we also monitor the real-time status of each device - no need to check for switched on appliances and lights in this facility.

Together with the client, we created different scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort and security:

  • Manage climate control by automating the wall radiator drives. Room thermostats have been added in each room for more precise temperature adjustment. Ability for schedules and remote control from mobile phone and any Smart device.
  • LED lighting control:
  • LED strips;
  • Dimmable LED lighting;
  • ON/OFF lighting;
  • Curtain control
  • Audio system in the kitchen via "LARA AUDIO"
  • Access control system has been installed. Remote opening and unlocking of garage door and front door.
  • Switching on and monitoring of emergency boiler electricity.
  • Control of kitchen appliances.
  • Control ironing equipment and switch off iron socket.

The system can be upgraded at any time with additional features and capabilities due to its wireless nature.

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