Smart single-family house - Dragievtsi, Gabrovo


Location: Dragievtsi, Gabrovo

Services performed:

The smart single-family house is a one-storey designer house plus a garage and an adjoining yard with automated lighting thanks to the wireless iNELS-RF system. The project includes control of all site lighting, electrical appliance protection and video surveillance.

We manage over 70 lighting circuits, executive in collaboration with a lighting designer to highlight every detail and color in the house. Electrocution insurance - we integrated a system to protect sensitive appliances in the home to protect the customer from unwanted costs and nerves.

We increased security in the house with the CCTV system integrated with the iNELS-RF mobile app. In addition to controlling the entire house with the iNELS system, we also monitor the real-time status of every single device - no need to check lights in this facility.

The entire system can be controlled from anywhere in the world with our mobile app and with physical wireless smart switches from EFAPEL's LOGUS90 design series, as well as with a local tablet. We saved the customer the expense of miles of wiring that would have been required when performing the same project on a classic electrical installation.

Together with the client we created over 30 lighting scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort and perfect atmosphere:With one button the entire lighting in the house is switched off.Scenes for "Good Morning", "Homework", "Party", "Cinema", "Dinner", "Relax" and many others, where the exact type of lighting was calculated at a preset brightness level. We took care of the client's vision by setting the brightness automatically on a schedule according to the outside illumination. We increased security with occupancy simulation - on schedule, and during sleep light up the room lights, giving extra insurance in an out of house.

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