Important! Upcoming closure of our showroom in the town of Sofia on boulevard Bulgaria

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Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that our showroom in Sofia, at bul. Bulgaria 81A will be closed from 01.02.2024.

This decision has not been taken easily and is the result of a number of circumstances that prevent normal service to our customers.

As you know, the street behind the showroom became one-way, which made access to it more difficult. In addition, a number of our customers and partners have expressed complaints that the increasing inability to park in the area makes visiting the showroom an inconvenience.

These reasons led us to the decision to close our showroom because we value our customers and their comfort. We do not want to provide services that are not convenient for them.

To make up for the inconvenience this may cause our customers, we have added a free delivery service to your address on orders placed by you.

Until we find the most suitable premises to open a second location in Sofia, where we can offer better service without worrying about our customers' convenience, you can visit our other showroom in the city of Sofia . Our other showroom in Sofia, in the district of. Ovcha Kupel, ul. Ljubljana 36V, where you will receive the same professional consultation from our lighting experts.

Thank you for your understanding and trust!

Radostina Pesheva,
Manager for Sofia

Here you can find the exact location of our showroom in Sofia. Ovcha Kupel


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