Two-storey house - Sofia


Location: Sofia

Services performed:

Unique two-storey house plus basement and garage and adjoining yard. Realized with modern design in industrial style.

The project was executed in collaboration with elite designers, whose avant-garde vision we realized with wired iNELS-BUS system. The automation of the site is complete and includes all lighting with brightness control / dimming /, sun protection with automatic shades, heating control in the amazing 18 zones, irrigation control, surge protection, pergola control in the out porch, ventilation, integration with the security system, video surveillance and fingerprint access control.

The system is controlled with innovative smart switches designed by EFAPEL's LOGUS90 series, with the mobile app and local touch screen. In addition to controlling the entire house with iNELS, we also monitor the real-time status of each device - no need to check for plugged-in appliances and lights in this facility. The entire house can be controlled at any time from anywhere in the world with our mobile app.

Together with the customer we created different scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort and security:

  • In each room, all lighting is switched on with just one button, and can be controlled individually from the mobile app and local touch screens.
  • One button turns off all lighting in the house.
  • One button turns on and off 7 lighting circuits in the entrance hall, regardless of whether each was on or off at the time the button was pressed.
  • Lighting scenes "Dinner, Romance, Cinema, Meeting, Relax" with which over 30 lighting circles are set with perfection to the desired illuminance - possible with DALI type lighting and iNELS-BUS cable system.
  • Integration into the security system - when placed under guard the system switches off all lighting and retracts the shades.
  • When the guard is lifted the system automatically starts a "Welcome" scene in which over 30 rounds of lighting start to turn on one after the other and increase in brightness gradually.
  • And many more with the ability to change at any time.

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