Floor of a residential building - Gabrovo


Location: Gabrovo

Services performed:

Apartment plus loft, garage and yard fully automated with iNELS RF wireless system. The project includes more than 80 control devices in one common system, working in sync with each other.

The automation of the site includes zoned sound, lighting / with light regulation /, heating distributed among 5 individual heating zones, sun protection with automatic curtains and shades, control of the boiler, gas boiler, cooker, surge protection, ventilation, steam room, garage and gate doors.

In addition to controlling the entire house with the iNELS RF system, we also monitor the real-time status of each device - no need to check for plugged-in appliances and lights in this facility.

The entire system is controlled from anywhere in the world via our mobile app. And local control is entrusted to smart switches in the LOGUS90 design series and a local RF-Touch touch screen.

A zone sound system implemented with our patented LARA internet radio - the only one that can be installed in an existing console from an optional outlet, without the need for wiring and repairs.

Together with the client, we created numerous scenes according to his wishes for maximum comfort, security and cost optimization:

  • "Sunrise" and "Sunset" scenes, where the curtains are raised or lowered by a clock, and at the same time the customer-selected lights are activated or turned off.
  • Scenes for "Romance", "Work", "Dinner" and others, where selected lights are switched on at the precisely calculated illumination and all others are switched off to create the perfect atmosphere for the situation. These scenes not only save electricity but also serve to relax the eyesight.
  • With just a push of a button, all lighting is turned off.
  • Scheduled water heater preheating to reduce electricity costs.Ability to preheat the water heater and turn on the heat from anywhere in the world so that the home can welcome travelers warm and cozy.
  • No more worrying about a forgotten iron or cooker - automatic switching off of cookers and sockets when the customer is away.
  • Flood protection.
  • End of heating costs when a window is open - heating stops when a window is open.
  • End of worrying about a forgotten open window, door or garage - with our door and window sensors the customer knows at any moment if they are open.
  • Extremely convenient wireless smart switches stuck directly to the bedside tables - the customer doesn't need to get up to turn off the lights and operate the curtains.
  • Presence simulation.

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