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Vertigo Business Tower is the new elite office complex in Sofia. The building is distinguished by its exceptional architectural design, resembling a polished diamond. The building is the winner of the Building of the Year Award 2013, and Schüco International KG also lists the Vertigo Business Centre as one of the 12 best buildings in Europe.

The project, implemented at Vertigo Business Tower, represents a complex and successfully executed initiative to improve the lighting in the building. This project contributes to improving the functionality, energy efficiency and visual aspect of the building.

The supply of lighting panels contributes to uniform and efficient lighting in different parts of the building. These panels, which use advanced LED technology, provide energy-saving and long-lasting lighting solutions.

Replacing garage lighting with LED is an important step towards energy efficiency and safety in the facility. LED lighting provides bright, quality light that improves visibility and security in the garage, combining with savings in energy consumption.

The construction and installation of the lighting in the Vertigo Yoga Center creates a cozy and relaxing environment, combining the right intensity of light with the unique atmosphere of the center. This aspect can support the practice of yoga and restorative activities, providing the appropriate conditions for them.

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