Aprilov High School - Gabrovo


Location: Gabrovo

Services performed:

The National Aprilov High School is a secondary school with humanitarian and foreign language profile in the town of Gabrovo. It was founded as the first secular school in Bulgaria in 1835 and continuously educates students. Part of its building houses the National Museum of Education.

We designed and built the facade lighting of Aprilov High School to improve the visual appearance of the building and highlight its architectural beauty. The project included the installation of modern and energy-saving LED lighting fixtures.

The facade lighting not only enhanced the contours and details of the building at night, but also created a more pleasant atmosphere in the surrounding area. In addition, with the new lighting solutions, the high school became more easily visible and recognizable in the urban environment, which improved its identity.

It is important to note that the new facade lighting of Aprilov High School was designed according to modern energy efficiency standards, which significantly reduced energy costs. This project is an example of combining beauty, functionality and environmental responsibility.

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