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Plansee Group is an Austrian company headquartered in Reuthe that specializes in the metallurgical production of powder materials (molybdenum and tungsten) and in their processing into tools and moulded parts.

As part of the Plansee production facility modernisation project, important steps have been made in creating a reliable infrastructure. The main objective was to ensure optimum working and safety conditions at the site through the construction of lighting and electrical installations.

Our design and installation specialists focused on implementing modern technologies and methods in the field of electrical construction. Thus, our team was able to implement LED lighting systems that not only provide optimal lighting of work areas, but also contribute to energy savings.

A particularly important aspect of the project was the introduction of evacuation lighting. This type of lighting plays a key role in staff safety in the event of emergencies or extraordinary events.

By striving for innovation, safety and functionality, the lighting and electrical installation project, as well as the evacuation lighting, contributed to the creation of a modern and efficiently managed production site.

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